Reminder of ARC requests

Dear Stone Creek Home Owner/Resident:

With the weather beginning its annual transition to cooler temperatures, new neighbors just moving into Stone Creek and many people begin home improvement projects this time of year. Members of the Architectural Committee and Board would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that modifications/additions to the exterior of every home and yard need to be submitted for approval prior to any work being performed.

The Architecture Committee and Board are not trying to be controlling or heavy-handed, but as volunteers, they are tasked with ensuring, to the greatest degree possible, that home improvements follow the requirements in the Stone Creek HOA Bylaws, and the Codes, Covenants and Restrictions (CCRs).   Technically, all exterior improvements must be submitted for approval, but general landscaping items are typically left to the owner’s discretion unless they consist of a drastic alteration. However, of particular concern are improvements/modifications that are visible from your neighbor’s homes, from common areas, and from the streets. These include (but not necessarily limited to) pools, gazebos, trellises, arbors, pergolas, storage sheds, cabanas, fences, retaining walls, and even new trees as they may have a detrimental effect on neighboring properties.

When improvements are constructed that are not approved and are in violation of the Bylaws and CCRs, it sets into motion a series of events, not the least of which is the impression of “well it was approved at their house” which is typically not accurate.  In addition to any delay and or halt of issuing a resale certificate should the home be sold.  The Board and Committee members are aware of many violations and these are being addressed to the extent they are legally permitted. This will take time as resolving issues regarding non-permitted construction can be very difficult, especially if the improvement is already in place. Unfortunately, it can also lead to hard feelings between neighbors and the volunteer Board/Committee members, especially if large sums of money have already been spent on a project.

We ask that you respect the overall harmony of the neighborhood and please obtain approval for your improvements prior to beginning work on them. The Architectural Change Request Form can be found on our website, or obtained from a Board Member or Architecture Committee member.

Please reach out to an AC member or Board member if you have any questions, or feel that you have submitted a request that has not been documented or recorded.

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