Vehicle Burglaries in Prosper – from Officer Erin Hubbard

We at the Prosper Police Department just want to remind everyone to take measures to protect yourselves and don’t make yourself an easy target for crime and to avoid being a victim of a burglary of your motor vehicle. With town growth also comes crime increase. More people, more cars, more opportunities for criminals. I have looked back over the numbers from the last few years and in 2011 we had 26 reported BMV’s, 2012 it tripled to about 78 reported BMV’s, and so far in 2013 we have had 58 reported BMV’s. The year is only half over and we are quickly reaching the number we had for the entire year for 2012. An important thing to keep in mind is that only about 1% of these were forced entry burglaries where the thief actually “broke into” the vehicle. Majority of these burglaries are crimes of opportunity and the vehicles are left unlocked.

Not only are the vehicles left unsecured, but valuables are left inside the vehicles. Things like purses, wallets, cash, garage door openers, guns, GPS units, iPods, and other various electronics. We at the Prosper Police Department are asking you to take a moment to ensure that your vehicles are secured at night before you go to bed. Try to park in your garage if possible. And remove your valuables from your vehicles. Even if you think you locked your car, check it again before you go to bed. If your car has an alarm, use it! If your car is burglarized, don’t touch anything.

Call us immediately. Don’t wait a few hours or days. Also, make sure you have serial numbers for electronics or guns. Engrave your name or a unique marking on your items. Help us help you and don’t allow yourself to be a victim! If you would like more information about what you can do to protect yourself or your property, please contact dispatch to speak to an officer by calling 972-347-9002 or email Officer Erin Hubbard at

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