The Work You See on Preston

From Barry McPherson, head of the Infrastructure Committee – 

The current construction work on the west side of TX 289 that is moving toward our entrance from the south is a Town of Prosper project to move water lines in anticipation of the highway widening project.  This work will also to provide a redundant loop for an uninterrupted water supply and also relocate our existing common area water meter from the north side of the entrance to the south side.  Currently, water being fed to the west side of TX 289 is by a single branch pipe originating across the highway near CVS.

At this time, if the pipe were damaged, water supply would be cut off to all properties west of the highway.  This work will provide a back-up supply line to prevent such an occurrence.  According to the Town, they will bore beneath our entrance to install the piping and resident access will be uninterrupted.  Passage may be somewhat narrower due to equipment, but the paving will be open for traffic. You have also probably noticed the wire hanging down across the north sign.  This is a Suddenlink cable and is part of their preparations.  We are engaged in discussions with SuddenLink to provide a more permanent appearance as well as having them clean up the pile of tree limbs they culled while running the lines behind our resident’s homes.

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